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Photo Credit: Johnny Foto

Tennis Tuesday: Rose Chin and Susan Mark

It’s Thanksgiving week, and we are extremely thankful for our volunteers and everything they do for us. For this week’s Tennis Tuesday’s content series, we are speaking with the Empire’s Volunteer Co-Chairs, Rose Chin and Susan Mark.

1. Why do you volunteer, and why is it important for the community?

Chin: I like to volunteer for tennis events as my way of giving back to my tennis community.

Mark: I love being part of an exciting event and giving back to the community. WTT is a great way for the community to experience up close tennis with big name players and lots of fan engagement. The kids especially like the autograph session after the match.

2. What makes volunteering with the New York Empire so special?

Chin: It's fun to interact and assist patrons, work with other volunteers to assure safety, and facilitate smooth operation of the event.

Mark: It’s special to me because I get to work with dedicated people that also want to make the event a success, and the matches are held locally in Queens.

3. What was the highlight of the 2018 season for you?

Chin: Loved to be up front and personal with Billie Jean King and take a photo with her.

Mark: Seeing Billie Jean King and what she has accomplished for tennis.

4. Being active tennis players yourselves, what are some fundamental tips you can give to a beginner?

Chin: Show beginners, especially young children, that tennis is fun and to just get on the court and have fun.

Mark: It's great for the beginners to see how the pros play and with time and work, one can improve. One of the last-minute volunteers was so excited being there and she brought her young son to introduce him to the game. She got so hooked, that when she found out there were other events, she took her son to Arthur Ashe Kid’s day. She vowed to return next year.

5. What are you thankful for this year?

Chin: I'm thankful that I had the opportunity to assist the NY Empire games in my capacity. I think most of the volunteers all worked cooperatively to make the event successful.

Mark: Meeting new people and making new friends.